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Department of Biochemistry

Calendar of Events

External Seminars

Here you find a selection of seminars and events hosted by other institutions.
All information on this page is subject to change. Please, double check before you travel.

External Seminars Schedule 2019

Date Time Location Title Speaker/Affiliation
18.11.2019 12:00 HPM H33, Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Hönggerberg "Minimal microtubule systems in artificial cells" Prof. Marileen Dogterom, Delft University of Technology, Kavli Institute of Nanoscience, Delft NL
18.11.2019 18:15 KOL-F-101, ZIHP, Universität Zürich Zentrum, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich "Suchtfalle Medikamente" Dr. med. Heike Schwemmer, Chefärztin der Entzugsklinik Forel AG
19.11.2019 11:00 HPK D24.2, NCCR RNA & Disease, ETH Hönggerberg "The Role of RNA in protein aggregation and neurodegeneration" Prof. Dr. Annalisa Pastore, King’s College, London, United Kingdom
19.11.2019 12:00 Y32-K-52, Institute of Physiology and Institute of Veterinary Physiology, UZH Irchel Campus "Thinking beyond neuron-focused strategies: Protecting blood-brain barrier function to combat brain disease" PD Dr. Lara Ogunshola, Institute of Veterinary Physiology, University of Zurich, Switzerland
19.11.2019 16:00 HCI G3, NCCR RNA & Disease, ETH Hönggerberg "Enhancement of Small Ribozyme Function by Biological Solution Conditions and Confinement" Prof. Philip Bevilacqua,Distinguished Professor of Chemistry & of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology,Pennsylvania State Universit
19.11.2019 17:00 Y03-G-95, Department of Chemistry, UZH Irchel Campus "The Dynamic Stereochemistry of Fluxional Carbon Cages" Prof. Dr. Paul R. McGonigal, Durham University, United Kingdom
19.11.2019 17:15 Y17-M-05, Institute of Microbiology, UZH Irchel Campus "Regulation and modulation of autophagy maturation upon infections" Prof. Mathias Faure, Ciri Lyon, France
20.11.2019 12:00 HPM H33, Institute of Biochemistry, ETH Hönggerberg "Modulating and Rewiring Kinetochore Function" Prof. Iain Cheeseman, Whitehead Institute, MIT, Cambridge, USA
26.11.2019 17:00 Y03-G-95, Department of Chemistry, UZH Irchel Campus "Thiolate-Protected Metal Clusters:Chirality and Dynamic Nature" Prof. Dr. Thomas Bürgi, University of Geneva, Switzerland
03.12.2019 17:00 Y03-G-95, Department of Chemistry, UZH Irchel Campus "Membrane Fusion Mediated by SNARE Protein Analogs" Prof. Dr. Ulf Diederichsen, University of Göttingen, Germany
04.12.2019 17:15 HCI J3, Institute of Microbiology, ETH Hönggerberg "Engineering CRISPR systems for molecular recording and cellular programming" Prof. Randall Platt, D-BSSE, ETH Zurich, Switzerland