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New screen:

Crystal Screen 1+2 Cryo GS084
Hampton Research screen detail: HR2-122 + HR2-121

The Ammonium sulfate screen GS002 has been newly designed and is now available as GS085.

What’s new:

What's New in ROCK MAKER 3.15? Protein Crystallization Software Update ROCK MAKER® 3.15

Please note that for the coming weeks PCC will be closed all day Mondays, Tuesdays and Friday morning until further notice. 19.11.2019


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The detailed protocol “Procedure for making the microseed stock” from Patrick D. Shaw Stewart on how to prepare a microseed stock is posted on the website from Douglas Instruments Ltd.
The preparation of the microseed stock will be carried out by the researcher. PCC will assist in the preparation of the microseed stock by providing “Seed Beads”(Hampton Research, HR2-320) and a “Micro-Tools Set”.
The initial steps for setting up a microseeding experiment is identical to the vapor diffusion crystallization experiment described in the section Experimental Setup.
The addition of the microseed stock to each drop of the vapor diffusion crystallization experiment is carried out by the Gryphon-LCP at 20°C or 4°C. The researcher specifies the microseed stock volume to be added to the three crystallization wells. The microseed stock volume added is commonly in the range between 20nl and 40nl.
The volume for the microseed stock required for setting up a crystallization plate can be found in Sample Volume.

The Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK provides an Automated Microseed Protocol for Protein Crystallization

The following list of microseeding papers is an introduction to the microseeding crystallization technique: