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As of September 1st, 2020 the UZH corona safety concept mandates that a mask must be worn in all publicly accessible indoor areas. When delivering protein samples to PCC, you must wear a face mask from the moment you enter an UZH building.

Also adhere to the following federal and cantonal corona safety key rules:
> Keep a minimum of 1.5m distance to other people at all times.
> Stay at home when feeling ill or have returned from a high-risk area.

Thank you for your cooperation. Stay healthy!

New screen:

The Small Molecule Anion screen developed by Prof. Dr. Bernhard Spingler (UZH) is now available as GS086 .

Crystal Screen 1+2 Cryo GS084
Hampton Research screen detail: HR2-122 + HR2-121

The Ammonium sulfate screen GS002 has been newly designed and is now available as GS085.

What’s new:

What's New in ROCK MAKER 3.17? Protein Crystallization Software Update ROCK MAKER® 3.17


Department of Biochemistry
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Beat Blattmann
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Christoph Blattmann
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In-situ X-ray Diffraction Screening @ Swiss Light Source

The beamline X06DA (PXIII) at the SLS has a fully automated setup that allows the testing of the X-ray diffraction characteristics of crystals directly within the crystallization plate. This enables rapid feedback on crystal quality without disturbance of the crystal by mounting and freezing. Using the technique it is possible to:

- distinguish protein from salt crystals
- test diffraction quality i.e limit of resolution, anisotropy, cell parameters, and mosaicity
- determine space group
- obtain room temperature data (useful as a control for freezing)

We are now offering this technique as a service for crystallisation plates set up at the Zürich Protein Crystallization Center on a fee per drop basis without the need for a beamline proposal.

For more information please contact
May Sharpe Marsh by email or by telephone or go