Biochemisches Institut

Sample Volume

Vapor diffusion crystallization experiment

The Phoenix and Gryphon-LCP liquid handling system can routinely dispense a drop volume between 100nl and 250nl for both the protein sample and reservoir solution into the well of a MRC 3-lens crystallization plate. Up to three different protein samples can be dispensed on a single MRC 3-lens crystallization plate. The protein sample volume needed for the crystallization experiments depends on the drop volume and the number of plates:

Drop volume Sample volume per plateSample volume for N plates
100 nl9.6 ulN*9.6 +20 ul
150 nl14.4 ulN*14.4 +20 ul
250 nl24.0 ulN*24.0 +20 ul

Example of sample volume calculation:

The sample volume required for 4 plates (96 Well), 3 drops of (100nl, 150nl, 200nl)  is:
(4 x (0.1+0.15+0.2)uL x 96) +20 =192.8 uL


Left-over protein samples not used for crystallization will be stored at 4°C for up to one month. Samples older than 1 month will be discharged without notice.

Microseeding crystallization experiment

Seedstock drop volumeSeedstock volume per plateSeedstock volume for N plate
20 nl>2.5 ulN*2.5 +20 ul
50 nl5.0 ulN*5.0 +20 ul