Sergio Gloor

Sergio Gloor

Sergio Gloor studied Biology and Chemistry at the University of Basle. He conducted his Ph.D. thesis in the group of Prof. Denis Monard at the Friedrich Miescher Institute in Basle. He then joined the group of Prof. Melitta Schachner in Heidelberg as an EMBO fellow. From 1991 to 2001 he worked as a senior assistant and group leader at the ETH Zurich. In 2001 he joined the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Zurich. In his research he assessed the role of proteolysis, inhibition of proteolysis and ion transport in fundamental processes in the nervous system. As of 2006 he took over the responsibility to implement Bologna guidelines into the Biochemistry curriculum and to reorganize Biochemistry teaching. Since 2011 Sergio Gloor is full-time study program and teaching coordinator as well as academic advisor for Biochemistry.


Curriculum Vitae


Sergio Gloor is module coordinator for the following modules:
BCH201, BCH203, BCH204, BCH205, BCH301, BCH303, BCH308, BCH309, Practical Course in Biochemistry for Students of Medicine (3 modules), Scientific Writing (2 modules).

You can listen to him in lectures BCH201, BCH303, BCH308 and BCH309.