Open Positions

Usually, we do not specifically advertise our open positions, as there has been a large number of highly qualified applicants, outnumbering the available positions by far and making selection sometimes very difficult.

Hence, if you want to apply for a position at our laboratory, please note the following:

We never respond if a letter of application is obviously a mass mailing.
Mass mailing applications will not be taken into consideration!

Prospective Postdoctoral Fellows

If you want to become a postdoctoral fellow at our laboratory, you should apply directly, enclosing a statement of your interests, a meaningful summary of your previous achievements, notably publications, an indication of your willingness to apply for grants, and the names of at least 3 references.

Prospective PhD Students

You should usually apply to the PhD program of your choice where you can indicate that you would like to work in our laboratory. See the homepage of the Life Science Zurich graduate school for further information.
If, however, you are sure that you want to work specifically in our laboratory, you may apply directly. You should explain this in your cover letter. We expect you to document excellence in abilities and achievements, i.e. excellent grades and research accomplishments. Three names of references should be supplied.

Useful information for foreign Ph. D. students:

PDF file english 

PDF file german 

Prospective Master's thesis (students from UZH)

You are already a master's student at UZH. Please find details here (look for BCH 501).

Prospective Master's thesis (students from ETH)

You are already a Master's student at ETH. Please apply directly to Prof. Plückthun, providing a detailed transcript (list of lectures and practicals, including all grades), as well details on any previous research experience you may have had.

Prospective Master's Students from Institutions other than the ETH or UZH

You are already a Master's student at another University with a very strong background in biochemistry. We have few places and great demand. We can accept foreign students for the thesis if they can document excellence in abilities and achievements, i.e. excellent grades and letters of recommendation. If you have completed your Master's studies and are applying to carry out a Master's thesis in Prof. Plückthun's laboratory, you may apply to him directly.

If you are not already in a Masters program, but are only considering to apply to the Master's program of UZH, do not contact Prof. Plückthun, but contact instead the students' mentor (Studienberater) of the Department of Biochemistry: studienberatung'at'


A number of different nationalities work in Plückthun group and at the department in general. Thus, the language of all research seminars is English. Therefore, foreigners do not have to fear that inability to speak German is an impediment. Doctoral students usually write their doctoral thesis in English, irrespective of their language background. The flip side is that fluency in spoken and written English is a must.

If you want to apply for a position, please send your application including a detailed CV either

by e-mail to plueckthun'at'

or by mail to:

Prof. Andreas Plückthun
Biochemisches Institut
Universität Zürich
Winterthurerstr. 190
CH-8057 Zürich