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Department of Biochemistry

Calendar of Events

Former Groups

Jeremias Kägi (retired in 1996)

Phillipp Christen (retired in 2004)

Bernd Gutte (retired in 2004)

Hans Rudolf Bosshard (retired in 2005)

Milan Vasak (retired in 2009)

Julia Fritz-Steuber (at the University of Hohenheim since 2009)

Peter Sonderegger (retired in 2010)

Andreas Wagner (at the IEU of the University of Zurich since 2011)

Heinz Gehring (retired in 2011)

Antonio Baici (retired in 2011)

Markus Seeger (at the IMM of the University of Zurich since 2013)

Markus Grütter (retired in 2013)