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Department of Biochemistry

Publications 2020

by date of publication in PubMed, most recent at the top:

Casalino, L., Nierzwicki, Ł., Jinek, M. & Palermo, G. Ab Initio Molecular Dynamics. ACS Catal 10, 13596-13605 (2020). PMID: 33520346.

Unzue, A., Jessen-Trefzer, C., Spiliotopoulos, D., Gaudio, E., Tarantelli, C., Dong, J., Zhao, H., Pachmayr, J., Zahler, S., Bernasconi, E., Sartori, G., Cascione, L., Bertoni, F., Śledź, P., Caflisch, A. & Nevado, C. b]quinoxaline-derivatives as kinase inhibitors. RSC Med Chem 11, 665-675 (2020). PMID: 33479666.

Karakus, U., Sahin, D., Mittl, PRE., Mooij, P., Koopman, G. & Boyman, O. Receptor-gated IL-2 delivery by an anti-human IL-2 antibody activates regulatory T cells in three different species. Sci Transl Med 12, (2020). PMID: 33328333.

Sapra, KT., Qin, Z., Dubrovsky-Gaupp, A., Aebi, U., Müller, DJ., Buehler, MJ. & Medalia, O. Nonlinear mechanics of lamin filaments and the meshwork topology build an emergent nuclear lamina. Nat Commun 11, 6205 (2020). PMID: 33277502.

Boujemaa-Paterski, R., Martins, B., Eibauer, M., Beales, CT., Geiger, B. & Medalia, O. Talin-activated vinculin interacts with branched actin networks to initiate bundles. Elife 9, (2020). PMID: 33185186.

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Saha, A., Arantes, PR., Hsu, RV., Narkhede, YB., Jinek, M. & Palermo, G. Molecular Dynamics Reveals a DNA-Induced Dynamic Switch Triggering Activation of CRISPR-Cas12a. J Chem Inf Model 60, 6427-6437 (2020). PMID: 33107304.

Li, Y., Bedi, RK., Moroz-Omori, EV. & Caflisch, A. Structural and Dynamic Insights into Redundant Function of YTHDF Proteins. J Chem Inf Model 60, 5932-5935 (2020). PMID: 33073985.

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Gray, A., Bradbury, ARM., Knappik, A., Plückthun, A., Borrebaeck, CAK. & Dübel, S. Animal-free alternatives and the antibody iceberg. Nat Biotechnol 38, 1234-1239 (2020). PMID: 33046876.

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Waltenspühl, Y., Schöppe, J., Ehrenmann, J., Kummer, L. & Plückthun, A. Crystal structure of the human oxytocin receptor. Sci Adv 6, eabb5419 (2020). PMID: 32832646.

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Gray, AC., Bradbury, ARM., Knappik, A., Plückthun, A., Borrebaeck, CAK. & Dübel, S. Animal-derived-antibody generation faces strict reform in accordance with European Union policy on animal use. Nat. Methods 17, 755-756 (2020). PMID: 32719533.

Horev, MB., Zabary, Y., Zarka, R., Sorrentino, S., Medalia, O., Zaritsky, A. & Geiger, B. Differential dynamics of early stages of platelet adhesion and spreading on collagen IV- and fibrinogen-coated surfaces. F1000Res 9, (2020). PMID: 32566134.

Brücher, D., Franc, V., Smith, SN., Heck, AJR. & Plückthun, A. Malignant tissues produce divergent antibody glycosylation of relevance for cancer gene therapy effectiveness. MAbs 12, 1792084 (2020). PMID: 32643525.

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