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Department of Biochemistry

Research at the Department of Biochemistry

Research Groups

Our research focuses on the study of cellular proteins with an emphasis on structural aspects such as interactions, folding, engineering, structure determination and prediction. We believe that the employment of quantitative approaches is essential to progress in our endeavors.

Our key research areas are:

  • computational structural biology (Caflisch group)
  • ion channels and transporters (Dutzler group)
  • RNA and CRISPR genome editing (Jinek group)
  • Fe-S protein biogenesis and DNA repair (Kassube group)
  • cryo-electron tomography of eukaryotic cells (Medalia group)
  • systems biochemistry (Perica group)
  • protein engineering and directed protein evolution (Plückthun group)
  • single molecule spectroscopy of protein folding and dynamics (Schuler group)

The common focus on the mechanisms of biological macromolecules has brought synergies and established the Department as a major force in biochemical research. As a consequence of this, the Department has a high publication output and more than half of our research groups participate in leading national and international programs. Five of our eight groups have been awarded prestigious ERC grants.