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Department of Biochemistry

Publications 2022

by date of publication in PubMed, most recent at the top:

Manatschal, C. & Dutzler, R. The Structural Basis for Metal Ion Transport in the SLC11/NRAMP Family. Chimia (Aarau) 76, 1005-1010 (2022). PMID: 38069795.

Nierzwicki, Ł., East, KW., Binz, JM., Hsu, RV., Ahsan, M., Arantes, PR., Skeens, E., Pacesa, M., Jinek, M., Lisi, GP. & Palermo, G. Principles of target DNA cleavage and the role of Mg2+ in the catalysis of CRISPR-Cas9. Nat Catal 5, 912-922 (2022). PMID: 36778082.

Buholzer, KJ., McIvor, J., Zosel, F., Teppich, C., Nettels, D., Mercadante, D. & Schuler, B. Multilayered allosteric modulation of coupled folding and binding by phosphorylation, peptidyl-prolyl cis/trans isomerization, and diversity of interaction partners. J Chem Phys 157, 235102 (2022). PMID: 36550025.

Chung, WL., Eibauer, M., Li, W., Boujemaa-Paterski, R., Geiger, B. & Medalia, O. A network of mixed actin polarity in the leading edge of spreading cells. Commun Biol 5, 1338 (2022). PMID: 36473943.

Kiss, C., Gall, FM., Dreier, B., Adams, M., Riedl, R., Plückthun, A. & Mittl, PRE. Structure of a hydrophobic leucinostatin derivative determined by host lattice display. Acta Crystallogr D Struct Biol 78, 1439-1450 (2022). PMID: 36458615.

Schmitz, M., Querques, I., Oberli, S., Chanez, C. & Jinek, M. Structural basis for the assembly of the type V CRISPR-associated transposon complex. Cell 185, 4999-5017.e17 (2022). PMID: 36435179.

Cocina, F., Vitalis, A. & Caflisch, A. Spiking burstiness and working memory in the human medial temporal lobe. Cereb Cortex Commun 3, tgac039 (2022). PMID: 36415307.

Arndt, M., Alvadia, C., Straub, MS., Clerico Mosina, V., Paulino, C. & Dutzler, R. Structural basis for the activation of the lipid scramblase TMEM16F. Nat Commun 13, 6692 (2022). PMID: 36335104.

Campbell, BFN., Dittmann, A., Dreier, B., Plückthun, A. & Tyagarajan, SK. A DARPin-based molecular toolset to probe gephyrin and inhibitory synapse biology. Elife 11, (2022). PMID: 36314779.

Pacesa, M., Lin, CH., Cléry, A., Saha, A., Arantes, PR., Bargsten, K., Irby, MJ., Allain, FH., Palermo, G., Cameron, P., Donohoue, PD. & Jinek, M. Structural basis for Cas9 off-target activity. Cell 185, 4067-4081.e21 (2022). PMID: 36306733.

Kipnis, Y., Chaib, AO., Vorobieva, AA., Cai, G., Reggiano, G., Basanta, B., Kumar, E., Mittl, PRE., Hilvert, D. & Baker, D. Design and optimization of enzymatic activity in a de novo β-barrel scaffold. Protein Sci 31, e4405 (2022). PMID: 36305767.

Kono, Y., Adam, SA., Sato, Y., Reddy, KL., Zheng, Y., Medalia, O., Goldman, RD., Kimura, H. & Shimi, T. Nucleoplasmic lamin C rapidly accumulates at sites of nuclear envelope rupture with BAF and cGAS. J Cell Biol 221,(2022). PMID: 36301259.

Anand, U., Shteinfer-Kuzmine, A., Sela, G., Santhanam, M., Gottschalk, B., Boujemaa-Paterski, R., Medalia, O., Graier, WF. & Shoshan-Barmatz, V. The Multicellular Effects of VDAC1 N-Terminal-Derived Peptide. Biomolecules 12, (2022). PMID: 36291596.

Philippi, M., Richter, CP., Kappen, M., Watrinet, I., Miao, Y., Runge, M., Jorde, L., Korneev, S., Holtmannspötter, M., Kurre, R., Holthuis, JCM., Garcia, KC., Plückthun, A., Steinhart, M., Piehler, J. & You, C. Biofunctional Nanodot Arrays in Living Cells Uncover Synergistic Co-Condensation of Wnt Signalodroplets. Small 18,e2203723 (2022). PMID: 36266931.

Zhang, Y., Wang, Y., Uslu, S., Venkatachalapathy, S., Rashidian, M., Schaefer, JV., Plückthun, A. & Distefano, MD. Enzymatic Construction of DARPin-Based Targeted Delivery Systems Using Protein Farnesyltransferase and a Capture and Release Strategy. Int J Mol Sci 23, (2022). PMID: 36232839.

Dehabadi, MH., Caflisch, A., Ilie, IM. & Firouzi, R. 42 Dimer: A Computational Study. J Phys Chem B 126, 7627-7637 (2022). PMID: 36148988.

Nai, F., Nachawati, R., Zálešák, F., Wang, X., Li, Y. & Caflisch, A. 6A-RNA Reader YTHDF2. ACS Med Chem Lett 13, 1500-1509 (2022). PMID: 36110386.

Dalle Vedove, A., Cazzanelli, G., Batiste, L., Marchand, JR., Spiliotopoulos, D., Corsi, J., D'Agostino, VG., Caflisch, A. & Lolli, G. Identification of a BAZ2A-Bromodomain Hit Compound by Fragment Growing. ACS Med Chem Lett 13, 1434-1443 (2022). PMID: 36105334.

Muckenfuss, LM., Migenda Herranz, AC., Boneberg, FM., Clerici, M. & Jinek, M. Fip1 is a multivalent interaction scaffold for processing factors in human mRNA 3' end biogenesis. Elife 11, (2022). PMID: 36073787.

Camus, A., Truong, G., Mittl, PRE., Markert, G. & Hilvert, D. Reprogramming Nonribosomal Peptide Synthetases for Site-Specific Insertion of α-Hydroxy Acids. J Am Chem Soc 144, 17567-17575 (2022). PMID: 36070491.

Pacesa, M., Loeff, L., Querques, I., Muckenfuss, LM., Sawicka, M. & Jinek, M. R-loop formation and conformational activation mechanisms of Cas9. Nature 609, 191-196 (2022). PMID: 36002571

Kralt, A., Wojtynek, M., Fischer, JS., Agote-Aran, A., Mancini, R., Dultz, E., Noor, E., Uliana, F., Tatarek-Nossol, M., Antonin, W., Onischenko, E., Medalia, O. & Weis, K. S. cerevisiae. Elife 11, (2022). PMID: 36000978.

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Freitag, PC., Brandl, F., Brücher, D., Weiss, F., Dreier, B. & Plückthun, A. Modular Adapters Utilizing Binders of Different Molecular Types Expand Cell-Targeting Options for Adenovirus Gene Delivery. Bioconjug Chem 33, 1595-1601 (2022). PMID: 35944553.

Strittmatter, T., Wang, Y., Bertschi, A., Scheller, L., Freitag, PC., Ray, PG., Stuecheli, P., Schaefer, JV., Reinberg, T., Tsakiris, D., Plückthun, A., Ye, H. & Fussenegger, M. Programmable DARPin-based receptors for the detection of thrombotic markers.Nat Chem Biol 18, 1125-1134 (2022). PMID: 35941237. .

Ilie, IM. & Caflisch, A. Antibody binding increases the flexibility of the prion protein. Biochim Biophys Acta Proteins Proteom 1870,140827 (2022). PMID: 35931365.

Waltenspühl, Y., Ehrenmann, J., Vacca, S., Thom, C., Medalia, O. & Plückthun, A. Structural basis for the activation and ligand recognition of the human oxytocin receptor. Nat Commun 13, 4153 (2022). PMID: 35851571.

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