Publications 2023

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Geiger, B., Boujemaa-Paterski, R., Winograd-Katz, SE., Balan Venghateri, J., Chung, WL. & Medalia, O. The Actin Network Interfacing Diverse Integrin-Mediated Adhesions. Biomolecules 13, (2023). PMID: 36830665.

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Mathy, CJP., Mishra, P., Flynn, JM., Perica, T., Mavor, D., Bolon, DNA. & Kortemme, T. A complete allosteric map of a GTPase switch in its native cellular network. Cell Syst [Epub ahead of print] (2023). PMID:

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Rutz, S., Deneka, D., Dittmann, A., Sawicka, M. & Dutzler, R. Structure of a volume-regulated heteromeric LRRC8A/C channel. Nat Struct Mol Biol 30, 52-61 (2023). PMID: 36522427.


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