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Department of Biochemistry

Recent Awards

Prestigious grant of Swiss Cancer Research  (Krebsforschung Schweiz) awarded to Amedeo Caflisch. His research project  entitled “Targeting the m6A -RNA Epitranscriptomic Mark as a Novel Therapy for Blood Cancer” is funded with an amount of 375 k CHF.

Susanne Kassube receives 40’000 CHF funding of the Olga Mayenfisch Foundation for her  project” Structural Studies of WRN Helicase for the Development of Cancer Therapies”

UZH research grant 2023 awarded to Dr. Milos Ivanovic (Postdoc, Group Schuler), Melanie Arndt (Candoc, Group Dutzler), Francesco Nai (Candoc, Group Caflisch) and Judith Notbohm (Candoc, Group Perica). Their research projects will be supported by the UZH for 12 months – congratulations to our junior researchers!

Philip S. Portoghese Distinguished Lectureship 2023 (PDF, 2 MB) to Andreas Plückthun

Kazuhiko Kinosita Award in Single-Molecule Biophysics 2023to Ben Schuler