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Department of Biochemistry

High Throughput Binder Selection

Birgit Dreier

Reliable methods for the parallel generation of affinity reagents are a prerequisite to provide specific protein binders for a variety of scientific projects. Therefore, the Department of Biochemistry has established a High Throughput Binder Selection Platform, focusing on the development and optimization of a semi-automated selection and screening pipeline. Through method developments, we aim at improving the throughput, the robustness of the overall process while decreasing its time and cost requirements, as well as enabling novel applications.

To implement these novel methodologies and applications in 96- and 384-well formats, various robotic systems have been incorporated into our facility. If you are interested in collaborative studies, please contact Prof. Dr. Andreas Plückthun.

List of our Robots:
BioRobot 8000 Liquid Handler (QIAGEN)
ELX 405 Select CW Plate Washer (BioTek)
MicroFlo Select Dispenser MFS (BioTek)
Liquidator 96-200 (Rainin)
King Fisher Flex (Thermo Scientific)
Colony Picker K6-2 (KBiosystems)

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