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Department of Biochemistry

Career Options with a Degree in Biochemistry

Career Options with a Degree in Biochemistry

Career path Research

A degree in biochemistry allows the entry in a variety of, frequently international, career tracks.
For a career in research the next step is the Ph.D. For other career paths, a Ph.D. is often useful, but not always required.

Biochemists often gain new fundamental knowledge at universities or private research institutions. This knowledge is used by e.g. the pharmaceutical industry to develop new drugs. But, new knowledge generated by researchers can often be the starting point to raise an own small company: a spin-off.

Further Career Paths

  • Research and education management (universities, administrative bodies)
  • Scientific activities in administrative bodies
  • Teaching at grammar schools
  • Product management in research and development
  • Consulting
  • Journalism in scientific areas
  • Proprietary activities at the border between science and law

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