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Department of Biochemistry

Hila Emmert

Cristina Manatschal

Hila Emmert was born in Israel and studied molecular biology at the University of Erlangen and University of Hamburg in Germany. She conducted her PhD thesis at the Beiersdorf AG in collaboration with the ETH, where she worked on metabolic processes involved in inflammation an ageing. She then moved to the UK to conduct postdoctoral studies at the Edinburgh Cancer Research Centre. 

In 2018, she accepted a position as junior professor for translational systems dermatology at the University of Kiel. Her research focused on studying the molecular mechanisms underlying inflammation in chronic skin disease by utilizing multiomics and microbiome analysis of skin samples, as well as novel 3D in-vitro cell models to identify factors and biomarkers contributing to disease pathophysiology. She is a member of the DFG excellence cluster precision medicine at interfaces and her research projects received funding from the DFG, LEO Pharma and BIOMAP.

In addition to her research, Hila Emmert was a lecturer and teaching coordinator at the University of Kiel and will continue her dedication to teaching at the Department of Biochemistry as lecturer and study coordinator.


Curriculum Vitae


Hila Emmert is teaching in the following modules:

For the Faculty of Science:
BCH 100: What is Biochemistry
BCH 303: Methods in Biochemistry
BCH 308: Experimental Biochemistry
BCH 309: Experimental Biochemistry


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