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Department of Biochemistry

Publications 2015

by date of publication in PubMed, most recent at the top:

Huang, D. & Caflisch, A. The roles of the conserved tyrosine in the β2-α2 loop of the prion protein. Prion 9, 412-9 (2015). PMID: 26689486.

Nettels, D., Haenni, D., Maillot, S., Gueye, M., Barth, A., Hirschfeld, V., Hübner, CG., Léonard, J. & Schuler, B. Excited-state annihilation reduces power dependence of single-molecule FRET experiments. Phys Chem Chem Phys 17, 32304-15 (2015). PMID: 26584062.

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Blöchliger, N., Caflisch, A. & Vitalis, A. Weighted Distance Functions Improve Analysis of High-Dimensional Data: Application to Molecular Dynamics Simulations. J Chem Theory Comput 11, 5481-92 (2015). PMID: 26574336.

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Baici, A. Kinetics of Enzyme-Modifier Interactions. Springer 2015. ISBN 9783709114025 • 9783709114018

Zwerger, M., Roschitzki-Voser, H., Zbinden, R., Denais, C., Herrmann, H., Lammerding, J., Grütter, MG. & Medalia, O. Altering lamina assembly identifies lamina-dependent and -independent functions for A-type lamins. J. Cell. Sci. 128, 3607-20 (2015). PMID: 26275827.

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Merten, H., Brandl, F., Plückthun, A. & Zangemeister-Wittke, U. Antibody drug conjugates for tumor targeting - novel conjugation chemistries and the promise of non-IgG binding proteins.  Bioconjug. Chem. 26, 2176-85 (2015). PMID: 26086208.

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