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Department of Biochemistry

Cryoprotection of Crystals

The Oxford Protein Production Facility-UK protocol Cryoprotection of Crystals.

K. A. Rubinson, J. E. Ladner, M. Tordova and G. L. Gilliland
Cryosalts: suppression of ice formation in macromolecular crystallography.
Acta Cryst. (2000). D56, 996-1001

Michael B. McFerrin and Edward H. Snell
The development and application of a method to qu­antify the quality of cryoprotectant solutions using standard area-detector X-ray images.
J. Appl. Cryst. (2002). 35, 538-545

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New screen:

What’s new:
PCC supports researchers with preparing custom screens through their pipetting service. The researcher can freely compose a screen with up to 30 different stock solutions.
Be sure to have a look and feel free to ask the PCC staff concerning this new service.

We had to adjust the prices for plates that are set up at 4°C due to the significantly higher wear and tear of the liquid handler stationed in the cold room.

The new screen Morpheus® Fusion (Product#: MD1-129) from Molecular Dimensions is now available at PCC as the initial screen GS087.


RockImager and Liquid Handler Status

RockImager 20°C:
The imaging schedule is on time.

RockImager 4°C:
The imaging schedule is on time.

Crystal Gryphon 4°C:
Out of order till 29.05.2024

Crystal Gryphon LCP 20°C:
In Operation.

Crystal Phoenix 20°C:
In Operation.

Freedom EVO w/ MCA 96 + RoMa
In Operation

Freedom EVO w/ LiHa
In Operation


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