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Department of Biochemistry

Milan Vasak

Milan Vasak received a PhD in Technical Sciences from the Swiss Federal Institut of Technology (ETH) in 1972. He did his postdoctoral research with Prof. J. Michl at the Department of Physical Chemistry of the University of Utah and with Prof. J. H. R. Kägi at the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Zurich. From 1978 to 1981 he worked as a Visiting Scientist at the University of Oxford and at the Birkbeck College in London. After working with Prof. K. Wüthrich at the ETH in Zurich for several years, Milan Vasak first became a Visiting Professor at the University of Bologna and finally an Appointed Visiting Professor at the Harvard Medical School.

Milan Vasak has been a group leader at the Department of Biochemistry since 1977 and a Titular Professor since 1996.

His research was focused on the structure and function of brain metalloproteins.


Curriculum Vitae