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Department of Biochemistry

Publications of Dr. Christine Berger

Cranz, S., Berger, C., Baici, A., Jelesarov, I. & Bosshard, HR. Monomeric and dimeric bZIP transcription factor GCN4 bind at the same rate to their target DNA site. Biochemistry 43, 718-27 (2004). PMID: 14730976.

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Weber-Bornhauser, S., Eggenberger, J., Jelesarov, I., Bernard, A., Berger, C. & Bosshard, HR. Thermodynamics and kinetics of the reaction of a single-chain antibody fragment (scFv) with the leucine zipper domain of transcription factor GCN4. Biochemistry 37, 13011-20 (1998). PMID: 9737882.

Berger, C., Piubelli, L., Haditsch, U. & Bosshard, HR. Diffusion-controlled DNA recognition by an unfolded, monomeric bZIP transcription factor. FEBS Lett 425, 14-8 (1998). PMID: 9540998.

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Leder, L., Berger, C., Bornhauser, S., Wendt, H., Ackermann, F., Jelesarov, I. & Bosshard, HR. Spectroscopic, calorimetric, and kinetic demonstration of conformational adaptation in peptide-antibody recognition. Biochemistry 34, 16509-18 (1995). PMID: 8845380.

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