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Department of Biochemistry

Ilian Jelezarov

Ilian Jelezarov

Ilian Jelezarov was born in Bulgaria and studied Biochemistry at the University of Sofia. He conducted his Ph.D. thesis at the Department of Biochemistry at the University of Zurich. He then carried out research projects at the Center for Structural Biochemistry, Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, and at the Biocalorimetry Center, Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. After his habilitation in 2001, he pursued independent research in the fields of macromolecular recognition, protein stability and protein folding. Since 2011, he dedicates his major efforts to teaching and leads a biocalorimetry unit in support of internal and external projects.

Ilian was teacher of the year in 2013 of the Faculty of Medicine.

Curriculum Vitae


Ilian Jelezarov is coordinating the Resaerch Project (BCH 408), the MSc Theses (BCH 501), and the MSc Final Exam (BCH 502).

Ilian Jelezarov is teaching in the following modules:

For the Faculty of Science:
BCH 202: Biochemistry II
BCH 304: Protein Biophysics
BCH 306: Biochemical and Biophysical Methods
BCH 310: Biochemistry III
BCH 314: Bachelor's Thesis in Biochemistry
BCH 408: Research Project
BCH 412: Research Project
BCH 501: Master's Thesis in Biochemistry
BCH 502: Biochemistry: An Overview

For the Faculty of Medicine:
MZB 1050: Molecular Cell Biology II
HUB 240a: Human Biology I

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