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Department of Biochemistry

Cristina Manatschal

Cristina Manatschal

Cristina Manatschal studied Biochemistry at the ETH Zürich and then moved to the Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI, Villigen) to conduct her Ph.D. thesis in the group of Prof. Michel Steinmetz. She worked on biophysical and structural aspects of the machinery that mediates the positioning of the mitotic spindle in budding yeast, a dynamic network of proteins that bind to the growing microtubule plus ends and mediate contacts to actin filaments.

In 2014 she moved to the group of Prof. Raimund Dutzler at the Department of Biochemistry to work on structure and function of iron transport proteins, a project funded by NCCR TransCure and in collaboration with chemists and physiologists of the University of Bern as well as with the pharma company Vifor Pharma.

Cristina Manatschal has completed a CAS in higher education in 2020. 


Curriculum Vitae


Cristina Manatschal is teaching in the following modules:
For the Faculty of Science:
BCH 100: What is Biochemistry
BCH 201: Biochemistry I
BCH 203: Practical Course in Biochemistry I
BCH 205: Practical Course in Biochemistry II
BCH 210: Biochemistry for Students of The Life Sciences
BCH 211: Exercise Tutorial to Biochemistry I
BCH 213: Practical Course in Biochemistry I
BCH 215: Practical Course in Biochemistry II
BCH 303: Methods in Biochemistry
BCH 308: Experimental Biochemistry
BCH 309: Experimental Biochemistry
For the Faculty of Medicine:
GET2S010: Gene Technology
HUB 240a: Human Biology I
04SM59HUB214: Practical Course in Biochemistry I and II

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