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Department of Biochemistry

Studying Biochemistry at UZH

Study Biochemistry

Who should study Biochemistry?

If you like the subjects biology, chemistry, physics and mathematics, if you like to apply the knowledge from these subjects in the context of biological or medical questions, and if you like to work in a laboratory, then biochemistry will offer you a perfect synthesis that you will really enjoy.

The biochemistry program comprises undergraduate studies (bachelor's program, six semester), emphasizing basic knowledge and graduate studies (master's program, three semester), emphasizing first research competencies.

Study Language

At the bachelor's level the training language is usually German. At the master's level the training language is English. Recommended textbooks for all subjects are usually written in English. German versions are, however, available.

Career Possibilities

Graduates with a degree in biochemistry have excellent opportunities in research, development, biotechnology and education, both in Switzerland and abroad. Also outside the core training, biochemists can find positions e.g. in management, (scientific) consulting and entrepreneurship.


Students enrolled at UZH have to pay regular semester fees (CHF 750). Additional costs accrue for books (about CHF 100 per book), scripts and practical courses (about CHF 80-200 per course).