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Department of Biochemistry

Biochemistry Bachelor's Program


Biochemistry Bachelor's Programme

The Bachelor’s degree program in biochemistry imparts the relevant basic principles in chemistry, physics, mathematics, molecular biology, biochemistry and biophysics. The subject focus lies on the development of conceptual understanding in chemistry, biochemistry and biophysics.

  • Chemistry is indispensable to understand molecular reactions of biomolecules.
  • Physics attempts to understand natural phenomena in a quantitative manner.
  • Molecular biology provides the cellular and molecular concepts underlying processes in living nature.
  • Biochemistry investigates the interplay between sturcture and function of biomolecules.
  • Biophysics enables the quantitative description and prediction of molecular reactions.

The bachelor's program in biochemistry features a structured arrangement of the theoretical concepts. These concepts are deepened in practical courses and students acquire first insight into experimental research. In the area of generic competencies the emphasis is on scientific reasoning, working and presentation. The bachelor's degree in biochemistry qualifies for professional activities requiring a wide-ranging training in natural sciences.

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