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Department of Biochemistry

Peter Lindner

Peter Lindner

Peter was born in Rehau, a small town at the northern brink of Bavaria, Germany in 1959. He received his pre-academic polish at the Platen-Gymnasium in Ansbach, Central Franconia. After his studies of Biology at the University of Würzburg he joined Andreas Plückthun's group at the Gene Center and Max-Planck Institute in Martinsried to conduct his Ph.D. thesis, with Prof. A. Böck as Doktorvater. He received his doctoral degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in 1994 from the University of Munich. In 1993, Andreas Plückthun was offered a full professorship at the University of Zurich. Peter accepted his group leader's offer to follow him to Zurich, where he was appointed as Senior Scientist at the Department of Biochemistry. Ever since, he has taken care of the lab management of the Plückthun group, in addition to his own experimental work. Peter Lindner is also Biosafety Officer of the Department and participates in public affairs and information events.


Curriculum Vitae


Peter Lindner is teaching in the following modules:
BCH 201: Biochemistry I
BCH 211: Exercise tutorial Biochemistry I
BCH 306: Biochemical and Biophysical Methods

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Dr. Peter Lindner
Department of Biochemistry
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